Friday, January 29, 2010

Where did I put that?

Are you sporadically organized?

This means that you know where you put something, but that it doesn't always have a set place to go. Unfortunately that means that things {often} get misplaced. As one of my New Years goals for 2010, I have decided to become annoyingly organized just to see if I like it.

No need for OCD, but it would be nice to know where that Target receipt is so I can actually get cash back for a change.

Speaking of Target...I found this file folder in the dollar section.

I hate that I love that section.

This cute little folder comes with labels and all for 8 tiny little files, perfect for things that are small like receipts.

Another spiffy idea would be a coupon/gift card file. Keep those Kohls Cash or Costco coupons in a safe place - ready to go.

Before you write advice: Make a list of what categories you might want to file and narrow it down. I wasted 2 labels because I didn't think ahead and wrote something like "Chocolate" which really should have its own category anyway.

The best part?
It fits easily into a purse or diaper bag.
You can keep it with you all of the time if you want to.

So far, I think I will like this one. How organized do you want to be?
This one is easy, just try it!


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Introducing Sassy...

Have you ever had a friend who is fashionable, extremely fun to be around, and to top it off won't tell anyone your secrets? Let me introduce you to my friend Sassy...

I feel like I have known her longer than life itself, and she keeps me on my creative toes. We compliment each other in our abilities, and her name says it all!

I am so excited that she is joining my crafting venture, and I know you will benefit from her ideas.

Take it away Sassy...

Yeah, that's right. We just switched it up in a post! We are so cool like that. Or at least Pepper is.

So yep, I'm Sassy. Hi! I'm a recovering Diet Coke drinker and mother of one. It has been 14 days and 3 hours since my last Coke.

Seriously, though, I am so excited to be part of this blog! I'm semi-new to the crafting world, can't work a sewing machine, but I'm completely obsessed with the many uses of Mod Podge. Don't be surprised if you see a lot of it in my posts.

In fact, let's start with THIS!

This is such a simple and fun project. I mean, I did it. In about 2 hours. All by myself. With a one-year-old running around in the background, poking all my canvases--and just look how cute it is!

Materials used: Nine 12"x12" canvases, nine pieces of fun 12"x12" scrapbook paper (trimmed just a tad), a paint color to compliment your papers (to paint sides of canvas), small sponge paint brush and a big ol' bottle of Mod Podge!

Tutorial to follow soon. Thanks so much to Pepper for bringing me on! She has inspired the craftiness in me and always makes me wish I had more mad skillz. I'm looking forward to contributing more to this fab blog!

Peace out, home slices.

Butterfly Kisses

I love every time I hear that song. I think I loved it more once I had a daughter. How could these not be a favorite among home made Valentines?

Materials used: Hot glue (my FAVorite), scissors, twisty ties, cute paper, and a Hershey's kiss!

Have fun making love notes!
(You can write a special message under the wings).


handmade projects

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fill it up!

Have a vase, lantern or bowl that you just can't get to look right?

This lantern had been haunting me since I bought it. The candles I had in it were too small, and it just looked too empty being empty.

Pottery Barn always has great ideas for filling vases and bowls. But spicing things up doesn't have to be so expensive! I found these little vase filler pears at Target. Pears are my all time favorite fruit. They come in all colors, and I love the shape. In fact I guarantee that you will see more pears in my future posts.

All I had to do was dump them into the lantern! I believe this was the fastest decor project I have ever done.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

TUTORIAL Flower Embellished Shoes

I knew these shoes needed a little something extra from the moment I bought them.
Anytime you realize something is missing...this project is a great solution.
Add a flower...or two...or a row of them. :)

In this project you will need:
An item (borderline boring)
knit fabric in any color
thread to match fabric
1 needle
sharp scissors

PART I: Start your flower

1. Thread your needle. I like to tie a knot at the bottom so that I am sewing with a double strand. This will give some added strength and sturdiness.

2. Cut your fabric into circles. In this project mine are approximately 2.5 inches diameter.

SAVE $$$ TIP: All of us have some clothing items that never get used. This is a great alternative to save time and money. I used an old tee here, and by old I mean that I just never wore it, but it wasn't "worn out".

3. Fold your circle in half.

4. Then fold your circle in half again!

You can see here if you look at the top the flower effect it will have.

5. Let the {by hand} sewing begin! Start through the corner and make sure that your needle goes through all 4 layers.

PART II: Embellish!

1. Take your corner sewn flower and start stitching it onto your not so fancy item. Continue to sew 3-4 stitches making sure to go through more than one layer of the flower, you don't want your flower to fall off.

2. Keep the thread going. In this project I used 7 Flowers. Bunch then right up against each other for a more fluttery look. When it looks complete, tie a knot (or two, I am a compulsive knotter).

Now look at your finished project and rate it.
Remember that you can always add more flowers if you want!

You are finished!
Now you can add some sweet flowers to anything to make it more fancy!

Have fun embellishing!


Monday, January 18, 2010

Cheater Cinnamon Bites

My family, and most of all my husband absolutely LOVE cinnamon rolls. Sometimes I don't have time to make them from scratch, or I just think about it too late. It is hard to find the time when you know that you have to let the raise {twice}.

Improvising is in my nature, and so was created our cheaters recipes for the next best thing to home made cinnamon rolls.

What I used:
Rhodes frozen rolls
cinnamon and granulated sugar (and a dash of nutmeg)
a bundt pan

What I did:
Let the rolls raise 2 hours, but there is a quick recipe (1 hour) on the packaging
Cut the rolls up with my kitchen scissors into dough chunks
Coat roll pieces with butter. I melted the butter and just dropped the chunks into it letting them coat completely. I immediately then dropped them into a cinnamon and sugar mixture. 1 part cinnamon - 2 parts sugar.
Spray the bottom of a bundt pan or cupcake tin and drop the pieces in together.

Cook at 350 for about 12-15 minutes.

The best part: Cream Cheese Frosting! Yummy.
You can always use store bought if you are still tight on time. But this recipe can be done while the bites cook, and it is definitely worth it.

2 sticks soft butter or margarine
1 - 8 oz. box of cream cheese
3 1/2 cups powdered sugar
1 tsp. lemon juice
1 tsp vanilla extract

While your cinnamon rolls or cheater bites are baking, beat cream cheese and butter together in a bowl with a mixer. Slowly add the powdered sugar. Once all of the sugar is in the bowl, beat for another 12 minutes. When almost done add in lemon juice and vanilla.

Tip: This frosting will stay good in the fridge for more than a week, so put some more treats on your menu and save the extra for later!

Enjoy your treats,

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Power of the Flower: SHOES

I have wanted to add some spice to these shoes for a little while.
Unintentionally my spice turned into a sweet!

Aren't they just darling?!?

I am working on a tutorial, and I promise you will love it. It will be the first of MANY posts about embellishing with flowers, but not just any flower. One made from the lovely knit fabric. Who knew it would catch on so quickly? The fact that you can cut a knit and attach it straight to anything without worrying about fray is ideal. You won't want to miss this. Stay tuned...


Thursday, January 14, 2010

VALENTINES DAY itty bitty treats

The perfect itty bitty way for your girly girl to tell her animals and dolls that she loves them!

Use the same tutorial for the teensy weensy cookies,
just cut your felt into heart shapes!


Sunday, January 10, 2010

TUTORIAL Teensy Tiny Tea Party Cookie

The idea for tiny came when me and my daughters were trying to have a girly tea party and eat our delicious plastic food, but the cookies were just too big for our tiny tea party plates!

We decided that we should make some tiny cookies that would be a better fit for the plates, but also the right size for our dolls and animals that were invited to the parties each week.
It is really hard for a 15 inch doll to eat a cookie the size of her body.

Play food is used best when your child is old enough to understand that it is play food and they won't put it in their mouth. You know your child best but usually it is around 3+ years.

In this project you will need:
Scissors, needle and thread,
Cookie colored felt cut into circles (about silver dollar sized 1.5 - 2 inches across),
tiny beads for sprinkles, and stuffing to fill the cookies.

I used dark brown felt and white thread so that you can see clearly.

1. Once you have your supplies in order you will want to sew some "sprinkles" onto one side of a felt circle.

Cut a string of thread. One arms length thread will make one tiny cookie. Start sprinkling!

You can reinforce the "sprinkles" with an extra stitch to keep them from being eaten off the cookie. :)

2. Tie a knot, but don't cut the thread!

3. You can then start right into sewing the cookie together. Place your sprinkled felt circle onto another and start a simple stitch around the edge. You can also use a blanket stitch if you would like for a nicer look, but these cookies are tiny enough that for durability they just need a continued stitch around the edge for a scalloped home made look.

4. Leave a space large enough to fill the cookie with batting.

5. Fill it up!

6. Continue sewing the rest of the cookie. When you reach the point where you began, "trace" over 2-3 of your previous stitches.

7. Once you have stitched over your first 2-3 stitches, poke the needle right into the cookie so that it comes out somewhere in the center.

8. Pull the thread tight. The cookie will pucker.

9. Tie a knot with the cookie still puckered. Cup the thread close to your knot and re-shape your tiny cookie. The knot should pop right into the middle of the cookie never to be seen again!

Tah-dah! You are done! Now you have some tiny scrumptious looking pretend treats to make those tea party's even more memorable! sugar or two?


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Teensy Tiny Tea Party Cookies

Who doesn't love a good cookie? The kind that are crisp on the outside and gooey in the middle. My favorite dessert hands down.

These tiny cookies are my next favorite treat. They have 100% less the calories and are every bit as fun to look at.

Does anyone want a tutorial?

Coming soon...