Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tea Party Plates!

Did you read my tutorial on E-6000 adhesive and how to make a fabulously cute candy dish or cake stand? Did any of you make a cute candy dish or cake stand?
If you have yet to try out E-6000 adhesive, here is yet another choice for you...

The Tea Cup Treat Stand
Who said tea cups are only for tea?
I discovered these mix and match plates and tea cups at a goodwill store.
Total, all three stands cost me about $8.00 total, glue included!
I purposely looked for cups and plates of all different sizes to add more variety.

The salad sized stand will hold kiddie sized treats for the many tea party's that my two daughters like to plan with me. Perfect for tiny cookies and snacks.

The upside down tea cup stand will be perfect for taller treats like cupcakes or cake pops! I adhered the cup to the large bottom plate first. Once dried over night, I added the salad sized plate on top!

The double tea cup stand! I think this one is my favorite. I adhered the cups together first. Once dried I added them onto the bottom larger plate and decided to use a bowl for the top. Not only can it hold treats, but also butter or jam to spread on rolls in the top bowl!

Little Gal and her sister think I am ready for a party.
Tea anyone?

Don't be shy with your creations.
This project is proof that one lady's junk is another lady's treasure!


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