Friday, June 4, 2010

Tutorial: Amazing E-6000

E-6000 3.7 Ounce Clear Industrial Adhesive 230022 by Eclectic Products

Move over hot glue, I have a new love.
More like a "re-discovered" love. I feel guilty that I forgot about you E-6000!

If you haven't used this glue, you are in for a very good crafting experience.

See this little beauty below...

I was first inspired by some cupcakes I made. I wanted a really cute cake stand to display them on! I never did get around to making one yet...but I have a few ideas brewing now. I have had these crystal candy dishes and candle sticks since we were first married. They have been moved 7 times, and stuck inside cabinets for the past 9 years. Not used once, isn't that sad?
A little revamp, and voila! I will definitely use them now.

For this project I used:
Candy dish
Candle stick holder to match
E-6000 Adhesive

Deciding what you want to glue together is probably what takes the longest, aside from using your patience to wait long enough for it to dry and adhere the two pieces together really well.

FYI - E-6000 does have a "permanent marker" type fume.
I will leave it up to your discretion to use a mask or not. Please make sure that you are in a ventilated area so that you don't end up gluing something you didn't plan on.

Step one: Make sure your objects are clean and dry!

Step 2: Take your amazing E-6000 glue and spread it with a Q-tip onto each object you are gluing. You don't have to use a Q-tip for spreading, but it helps you not end up with globs of glue. A little goes a long way.

Allow it to sit for 10 minutes or so.

Step 3: Press the two pieces together, and clean up excess glue with another Q-tip.
Let sit 12-24 hours. I did it before I went to sleep so that the waiting didn't seem so long.

Step 4: Use your newly made contraption!

When I woke up I filled my little pedestal candy dish with m&m's and even ate a few at 8:00 in the morning! They truly tasted so much better coming out of an adorable candy dish!

What little things are you going to glue together?


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