about us

Welcome to The Sassy Pepper!

Together as Sassy and Pepper we equal a creative team of the modern age.  We love taking everyday crafts and spicing them up just a tad. We compliment each others' talents, and because we like to "create" in different ways, it brings out the very best inspiration we can share with you!

Sassy - Co-pilot of the blog! Pepper thinks I have skillz; I'm working on it. I love to decorate and am on a perpetually tiny budget, which just gives my creativity that extra little umph I need to make something I--and hopefully you readers--will love. Like Pepper, I love to re-purpose things. I'm not just copying her by saying that. I'm a blog addict so jumping on board this blog was a no brainer for me. I love The Sassy Pepper and love that people actually read it and attempt our projects. Woohoo!

Pepper -  Original creator of this blog!  I love creating anything I can - from fabric, to paper, to my computer screen!  My favorite project is re-purposing whatever I can find a new use for.  I also have a strange obsession for hot glue.  I am a rebel sewer, chocolate lover, and mother of three.  In my busy but simple life, I find opportunities to use my imagination every day.  For years I have wanted to find a way to share my ideas, and the blogging world has made it possible!  The Sassy Pepper blog lets me take my ideas to the next level.

We hope you love, love, LOVE our blog. It's all for you, you fabulous readers! Feel free to send us your questions, comments and/or suggestions at any time. Hearing from you is how we know we aren't the only ones reading this blog. :)

Lots of Love!