Thursday, July 14, 2011

Coasters for every age!

We made these for a fun family craft project for the 4th of July.
Super easy, and any age can participate!  We had coasters designed by a 5 year old all the way up to an age I am not allowed to share.  You really will love how unique yours turn out!

All you need is:
Tiles - we used Travertine tiles that were 4 x 4 inches in size
Felt - for the back of the tiles
Acrylic or Craft Paint
Sealer/Varnish - you can even use Mod Podge to seal them

What to do:
1. Design and paint your tiles!
2. Let them dry
3. Use your craft glue and attach a felt square cut to size to the back of each tile, you don't want to scratch your favorite piece of refinished furniture do you?
4. Seal the tiles with a varnish or sealer like Mod Podge
5. For an extra little fun, sign and date the back of your creation!

What's your favorite beverage?