Thursday, August 26, 2010

FREE Photo Op(tions)

This is for all of you out there who want the secrets of professional photographers to use for your own benefit. There are sooooo many websites out there offering tips and tutorials on photography, but you MUST check out Coffee Tea Photography! It is my absolute favorite.

This little tidbit I am about to share is for those of you that are familiar with Photoshop orPhotoshop Elements. You are most likely wasting a little time if you know nothing of actions. Actions are preset editing options that do the work for you! They save time, and make it possibly to change a photo's complete look quickly. This action below is called Vivid2 and is FREE on Coffee Tea Photography. I love it because once installed, and clicked upon, it transforms your photo into 5 options! original, soft, vivid, urban, and bright.

This is what happened to my photo when I used the action Vivid2!




Urban (my Faaaavorite of my favorites)


If you know nothing about editing photo's, know this: Every "photographer" edits their photos. Whether it be cropping, lightening, photo shopping, changing to black and white...there are millions of options, and they probably used at least one.

Go to and edit your little heart out!

Oh! P.S.
Coffee Tea Photography also has instructions here on how to install the actions! Please use the instructions so you don't have to get frustrated like I did.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Can't wait any longer!

I have so many things that I am wanting to post about this week. But all I can do is love on my new buffet. Given to me by my dear friend "Lee", who found it on for a fantastic price of FREE!

Lee is my thriftiest of friends, and my new buffet was my most favorite birthday present.

The gift...

A broken leg was fixed via "Lee's" other half, and sanded to perfection by my better half. :)
It was definitely a labor of love because I absolutely HATE sanding.

What I did:
Lightly Sanded
Lightly Sanded
Roughed up the edges with gritty sand paper
"stained" the rough spots
Varnish varnish varnish...

Hardest part - I then let my present cure for 3 days. Waiting to put it in the house was torture.
Now it is happily in my entryway brightening everything up!

I had to take a picture at night while things were tidy and the 3 little ones were in sleepy land.
This color below is more correct of what it looks like in person.

Are you now craving a refinishing project?
Send pictures of your projects to so we can do a little show and tell!

Sassy and I love to be inspired!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A New Kind of Birthday Banner!

Not to use any excuses, but my last blog was almost 3 weeks ago due to:

Lil' Gal's Birthday
My Birthday
Summer Vacations out of state
3 kids against 1 parent

I will have you know that I am back in the Blogging Saddle and ready to post!

In honor of my Lil' Gal's birthday this year which was a WIZARD of OZ theme, (Don't worry, you will see a LOT of pictures) I made her a "Sweets" banner to hang above the Lollipop Shop we set up in our living room.

Made with love with paper, glue, ribbon and adorable cupcake and ice cream cut-outs using my friends Cri-cut machine! I have also decided that a Cri-cut machine is a necessity and I would like my husband to retrieve on Black Friday this year.

All but maybe 30 pieces of candy were taken by the party goers.
Their parents were grateful I am sure. :)