Thursday, August 26, 2010

FREE Photo Op(tions)

This is for all of you out there who want the secrets of professional photographers to use for your own benefit. There are sooooo many websites out there offering tips and tutorials on photography, but you MUST check out Coffee Tea Photography! It is my absolute favorite.

This little tidbit I am about to share is for those of you that are familiar with Photoshop orPhotoshop Elements. You are most likely wasting a little time if you know nothing of actions. Actions are preset editing options that do the work for you! They save time, and make it possibly to change a photo's complete look quickly. This action below is called Vivid2 and is FREE on Coffee Tea Photography. I love it because once installed, and clicked upon, it transforms your photo into 5 options! original, soft, vivid, urban, and bright.

This is what happened to my photo when I used the action Vivid2!




Urban (my Faaaavorite of my favorites)


If you know nothing about editing photo's, know this: Every "photographer" edits their photos. Whether it be cropping, lightening, photo shopping, changing to black and white...there are millions of options, and they probably used at least one.

Go to and edit your little heart out!

Oh! P.S.
Coffee Tea Photography also has instructions here on how to install the actions! Please use the instructions so you don't have to get frustrated like I did.


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