Thursday, August 19, 2010

Can't wait any longer!

I have so many things that I am wanting to post about this week. But all I can do is love on my new buffet. Given to me by my dear friend "Lee", who found it on for a fantastic price of FREE!

Lee is my thriftiest of friends, and my new buffet was my most favorite birthday present.

The gift...

A broken leg was fixed via "Lee's" other half, and sanded to perfection by my better half. :)
It was definitely a labor of love because I absolutely HATE sanding.

What I did:
Lightly Sanded
Lightly Sanded
Roughed up the edges with gritty sand paper
"stained" the rough spots
Varnish varnish varnish...

Hardest part - I then let my present cure for 3 days. Waiting to put it in the house was torture.
Now it is happily in my entryway brightening everything up!

I had to take a picture at night while things were tidy and the 3 little ones were in sleepy land.
This color below is more correct of what it looks like in person.

Are you now craving a refinishing project?
Send pictures of your projects to so we can do a little show and tell!

Sassy and I love to be inspired!



M.M.M. said...

that is so cool!

Amy said...

LOVE that buffet table! SO cute! Great color, too!

Carla said...

this is so great! It looks wonderful in you entryway and really spices things up. Now can you find one for me??!?!?!

Char @ Crap I've Made said...

LOVE it!

lauren @ West Furniture Revival said...

i love the buffet and the color is perfect. i would love to feature it on my blog. if this would be ok with you please let me know