Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A New Kind of Birthday Banner!

Not to use any excuses, but my last blog was almost 3 weeks ago due to:

Lil' Gal's Birthday
My Birthday
Summer Vacations out of state
3 kids against 1 parent

I will have you know that I am back in the Blogging Saddle and ready to post!

In honor of my Lil' Gal's birthday this year which was a WIZARD of OZ theme, (Don't worry, you will see a LOT of pictures) I made her a "Sweets" banner to hang above the Lollipop Shop we set up in our living room.

Made with love with paper, glue, ribbon and adorable cupcake and ice cream cut-outs using my friends Cri-cut machine! I have also decided that a Cri-cut machine is a necessity and I would like my husband to retrieve on Black Friday this year.

All but maybe 30 pieces of candy were taken by the party goers.
Their parents were grateful I am sure. :)



M.M.M. said...

Well that just puts my Chuckee Cheese Party to shame!!

Carla said...

The candy table is just so adorable! Your ideas are so clever - I agree with MMM - Chuckee Cheese just doesn't cut it!

Kelli Nicole said...

Oh. My. Gosh. That banner is the cutest thing EVER.