Friday, February 24, 2012

Disney Cars Birthday by Buckets of Grace

My little man is about to be three this April.  He eats, breathes and sleeps Disney's Cars.  We keep collecting more and more cars despite the fact that he has multiples of each one.  But he loves them all the same, especially Mater.  So I think we will be throwing a Cars birthday party for him this year.  I was a little hesitant to decide on Disney's Cars theme because I don't want to throw a cheesy looking part.  But, then I ran across this post on a blog called Buckets of Grace and I am so excited now!  The original post has many more pictures, so go check it out!  My favorite part...the party was in the garage!

Thank you for letting me share your post Melissa!

buckets of grace

"Ta Da! It's My Birthday Party!" - Ethan

At least that's what Ethan said to Grace as she walked into the garage after school to see "his party" preparations.  He was so excited to show off his party to her!  His excitement was worth more than anything to me.  The weather turned out to be much nicer than predicted, but in the end having the party in the garage worked out great.  I don't think I ever could have been ready had I needed to set up on the party day on our patio.  And, as my friend Rebecca said as we were both planning our children's parties for the same day and commiserating about the weather, at least my theme fit a garage setting.  (Not so much for her Alice in Wonderland theme.)

Not to sound too much like an acceptance speech at the Academy Awards, but I really do want to thank everyone who helped me plan this party, my husband for putting up with me and only occasionally getting mad at me when he attempted to calculate in his head the money I was spending, all the inspiration I've gathered from the various different parties on everyone's talented blogs, Betsy Pruitt fromBelly Feathers who has been so kind and helpful as I've adventured into party planning blog land and the same to Michelle Burt of Maddycakes Muse.  Also, a big thanks to Jessie Warner who graciously agreed to come take pictures of my lil' ol' party and making me look so good!

Thank you for looking and reading my blog.  I'm so grateful and honored!  This post is a picture overload!  I'll try to include all the sources of the various items, but if I don't feel free to email me.

The Invite

The Candy Table
Candy Labels - Posh Pixels
Checkered Flag Banner and Table Skirt - Race Party Decorations


More Yummy Treats

Cone Holders (re-purposed Drink Caddies) - Pottery Barn
Cupcake Stand - Pottery Barn

Party Hats - Make It Mine Parties

Race Car cupcake toppers (not the McQueen or Mater) - Meri Meri

Fillmore Organic Fuel Labels - Belleza e Luce

Rust Eze Medicated Bumper Ointment Labels - Belleza e Luce

Sally's Cozy Cone Cups - Birthday Express

 My own attempt at making a McQueen cake for Ethan!

Happy Birthday Banner - ScrapEm Easy on Etsy
Cars banner in backdrop - Meri Meri
Turning a Frog into a Prince (a.k.a. A Garage into a Birthday Bash!)
Ethan was my little helper the day before the party.  He was so fun!  Ever since my neighbor Tina mentioned the "lollipops" after seeing the picture on the blog, he has been asking for a "pop!"  I've held out on him but on Friday he was so good and so sweet, I couldn't resist any longer.  Note to you moms out there worried about stains -  the black and white lollipops make a mess, but it comes out of clothes like a charm!

(For pictures of other signs used at the party, see my previous post here.)

Cupcake flower centerpiece - inspired by How Does She?

Racing Party Favors

Bubbles - Gwynn Wasson Designs (not currently on her Etsy shop, but email her and she is great to work with!)

Racing Trophies - Oriental Trading
Custom Labels - Belleza e Luce

Crayon Rolls - Tamis Cozies, Etsy
Crayon Roll Thank You Tags - ScrapEm Easy on Etsy

Checkered Flag Favor Bags - Oriental Trading
Favor Tags - Designer Favors, Etsy

Fun and Games!

These race car boxes are supposed to resemble Lightning McQueen and The King.  Who knew a cardboard box could be so much fun.  The kid had a blast with these boxes for the entire party - racing their aunts and even grandmas.  By the end of the party they had been so used and abused, I had to recycle them.

I stole the idea of the tire toss game from Betsy at Belly Feathers.  Again, who knew an old, free racing tire and some bean bags would provide so much entertainment.  The kids had a blast with this game!

This was my homemade "Pin the Tire on McQueen" game. 

Again, thank you all for looking.  It makes me exhausted thinking about this party again - but Ethan's reaction and sincere look on his face and enthusiasm throughout the party made it all worth it!

Monday, February 20, 2012

A Pin-tastic Presidential Day

Happy Presidents Day!

Take a look at these fun finds!  
I found all of these on Pinterest, but I linked back to where they were pinned from.

Develop your little one into a History Buff early with this Presidential Block Set!

I am already inspired by the chic tufting in the headboard of this picture.

Need something to do on Monday with the kids?

Remember to have fun if you have the day off work

Happy Presidents Day!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Etsy Extravaganza


Sorry for the MIA hubby is an auditor which means he is basically in another world from January through May.  This long holiday weekend, I plan to cross some things off of my "to do" list.  Organizing doesn't seem like much, but I am hoping it will be a huge change (or two) for our home.  I hope that even if you don't have big plans for this weekend, that you at least plan to relax!

Take a look at these Etsy Presidents Day Finds!

Have a fun filled Presidential weekend!


Friday, February 3, 2012

Melissa...come on down!

Melissa!  You won the tiny paper banner!

 M.M.M. said...
You know of my affinity for banners! Love you!

Happy Valentines Day!


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Valentines Day Tiny Banner

For some reason I love tiny things.  Like tiny tea party play cookies, and tiny babies...everything seems so cute when it is tiny.  With Valentines Day just around the corner, I thought we could kick off the month of February with a tiny Valentines Banner...similar to the Halloween Paper Lantern Banner from October!

Sewn Paper Banners are so much fun to make because they are so fast and easy!
Fast and Easy is a killer combination.

What you will need:
Cute Paper cut into the shapes you want to use
Sewing Machine
Coordinating Thread
Coordinating Ribbon (optional)

Step 1: Cut your paper into tiny shapes.
Pennants, Hearts, Circles...

Step 2: Arrange your banner before you start to sew,
decide on a design!  

Step 3: Stack your shapes if you would like the "paper" lantern look!  

Step 4: Start Sewing! Remember to sew VERY slow.  Paper is really easy to sew, but also very easy to rip.  I like to leave a small space between each shape.

Step 5: Once you have sewn your banner...
you can open your heart {or any shape} lanterns! 

Step 6 (opt): Sew two small ribbon loops to each end for hanging. 
Now you can hang your banner!

This tiny banner could be yours!
Post a Comment below and a winner will be chosen Friday at 5:00 PST!

Happy Early Valentines Day!