Saturday, February 27, 2010

Button Button, Who wants a Button?

First, do you like our new header? Now Sassy and I are both in silhouette!

Next item of business...
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TUTORIAL: Ripin' and Rollin' Flowers

Another Tutorial! Tah dah!

If you had a chance to go to The Sassy Pepper shop, you may have seen these flowers that I used as an embellishment on the too cute headbands.
If step by step pictures isn't enough, I found a great video tutorial here.

Here is the how-to from me!

What you will need:
Cotton or silk fabric of any length (45 inch width)
Any fabric that frays well will give you a great worn vintage look!
Fabric glue or hot glue

To get a worn look, you can start by ripping the edge of the fabric. This will also make a true straight edge because it will rip right down the same thread the whole way.
You won't use this piece, go ahead and throw it to the side for another day.

Make a cut about 1 1/4 inches into the fabric, and then rip it again all the way down!
This is the piece you will use for your flower.

Tie a knot at one end.

Snip off the extra fabric.

Fold the fabric in half, and start to roll.

After about three rolls, you will start to twist the fabric as you roll it around. To make it easier, you can come up with a pattern! I used roll, roll, twist... roll, roll twist.

You don't need to glue it every twist, but you should glue often. I glued my fabric on every other twist, and I used hot glue because as you know I LOVE hot glue. :)
The flower will become more squishy as it gets larger.

Before you get to the end of the fabric, you will want to cut the edge diagonally.

Make one more twist and glue the end down.

Snip off any stray threads that you don't want.
You are done!

You can also choose to make your flower a slightly different shape.
Do you want the top and edges rounded like a bud? Or flat?
It all depends on how you hold your flower as you roll and twist.

If you want your flower rounded like a bud, you will hold it around the edge the entire time.
If you want your flower flat then you will hold it on top and bottom squishing it between your fingers like pictured below.

Make more than one, you will want to use many!

Psst: These flowers are for embellishments on items that won't be washed or dried.
If you want to use some on clothing, you will have to get tricky with a needle and thread. :)

Get those flowers blooming!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Little Gal's wardrobe

If you remember this post, I promised to show and tell (mostly show) my ideas on revamping my Little Gal's wardrobe.

Well, she acquired a few new clothing items over the weekend! I wouldn't say they were "free", because it did take time. But she now has some fun little pieces to wear and feel cute in!

This idea was a little CRAZY, and that is definitely what drew me to it.
I have seen in so many places making dresses and skirts out of adult clothing. Mostly on Etsy. This was in Martha Stewart Living magazine!
If Martha did it...shouldn't I at least try?

In Martha's tutorial in the magazine there was a picture similar to this one below. I didn't read the instructions before I just did it myself, but I am a rebel sewer. I rarely use a pattern, and if I did I probably wouldn't follow the directions. I know, I know... I'm naughty.

Martha has a pattern you can download (click "print pattern pieces" under step 1). If you are a little chicken of just cutting around a dress like I did, just use the pattern!

What do you think? Little Gal loved it.
And I didn't even have to sew any button holes! (I hate those).

I ended up going through my whole box of clothes meant for goodwill and found this old cardigan. Because of my man arms from lifting my cute kids, I never wore this. Plus it was missing a button and I have been lazy to find one that matches. So, I cut the armpits a little shorter and closer - shown in the picture below.

I took the buttons off, and sewed the front together. I also zigzagged over the button holes to close them up. We had to embellish something.
Little Gal chose the buttons herself!

This was a skirt from the goodwill box. Never did fit right. I cut off the top 4 inches of the skirt, and I re-used the elastic from the waist band that was there originally and just measured it around Little Gal's tummy! I chose the buttons for this one, and sewed them on top of frayed circles I cut from the top of the original skirt! :)

Little Gal's favorite color is purple, so this goodwill top was meant to be for her. It was a babydoll dress before, but too short on me. I cut off the top and made an elastic waist band the same size as the brown skirt. I used extra material from the top of the original dress to make some cute embellished flowers for the bottom. I am so obsessed with flowers right now.

It was so satisfying to make these for her using gently worn items. Go look through your closet! It is definitely easier to get rid of something you don't wear when you know someone you love could benefit from it. In addition to cleaning out your closet, you are being green!!!
How cool is that?


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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fab for $15

I was recently given the best birthday gift ever: a gift card to Home Goods (thanks Mom & Dad)!

Seriously, though. Have you ever been there? It's the greatest place in the home decor world. I love it more than Ikea, because there is such a mishmash of random stuff; every time you go there's a whole new selection. It freakin' rocks.

Anyway, I was happily perusing the clearance section and found these wooden letter wall plaques:

I thought, "Hmm....sorta cute. And dirty. But none of the letters I need. Cute shape though. And only...$2?!"

Then I grabbed three of them with crafty hope, but no clear plans on how to turn them into decor for my home office.

I hit up Home Depot and found 3 cool tiles for under $2 a piece, then bought a $3 paint sampler and a 50 cent sponge brush.

I lightly sanded down the surface of each plaque, then painted it with my $3 sample paint, sanded it around the edges and glued the tiles to the center. Behold, my creations:

Almost everything has potential. I'll bet you have old junk lying around the house, just dying to become something great. Go search around and let us know what you find! We're always here to offer ideas, advice and congratulations for your totally brill ideas.

Happy hunting,

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Brooch Giveaway Winner!

Thank you everyone for your comments.
We have so many ideas of what to blog about now!

The lucky winner of the brooches is comment #3!


Come on down!
Or at least contact us at
and send us your address!

Have a great weekend everyone.


Friday, February 19, 2010


A little bit of cuteness was just added to The Sassy Pepper's shop!

Don't forget to check back really really early tomorrow morning
for our winner of the brooch giveaway!


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Power of the Flower revisited

Remember this post on embellishing my shoes to make them way to cute?

Spring is just around the corner, which means flowers will be popping up everywhere!
I have noticed so many flowers and petals in fashion this last year and I really REALLY want it to last longer. I hope embellishing doesn't ever go out of style!

JCrew is so overwhelming to me with their cuteness of kids clothes.
So, after seeing these little shirts...

and this little dress...

I decided to revamp my little Gals' wardrobe.
This did take longer than I expected, but I got to catch up on my shows while I did it. :)

Little Gal is desperately in need for new fashion finds.
30% because she is growing and 70% because I love dressing her up.
I decided to make a line of clothes for her out of my old ones, and even hubby's (gasp!).
We will see how it turns out next week, I have a busy weekend ahead.

Go flower it up!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

TUTORIAL: Mini Freezer Pies!

As promised, I've prepared detailed instructions and a step-by-step photo tutorial for making these yummy mini freezer pies!

Seriously, these are delicious and cute! I mean, look at that tiny pie. Don't you just want to scarf it up and hug it at the same time? I suggest you just eat it.
Well let's get to it!

First off, you'll need mini jam jars (the crust recipe should provide enough for 8) like this one:

If you have your jars, you probably have everything else you'll need to make these delicious babies.

Mix up a batch of this all-butter pastry crust. It will take you only about 5 minutes, because I know you're freaking awesome.
With your crust ready, make your pie tops. Grab a tennis ball-sized chunk of crust and roll it out to create the tops. Then cut the toppers using the lid from one of your jars. Easy as pie (pun intended)! Set these aside for later.

Next, press the crust into all of your pie jars. Don't worry about greasing them. Just grab chunks of crust and line the jars by pressing with your fingers. Try to get your crust close to the tops of the jars.
Done! That was easy, eh?

Now create your pie fillings! Use your favorite fruit, or whatever you have lying around. For instance, I made some amazing peach pies in the fall, but since peaches aren't in season I used jarred peaches for these little pies and they were still very yummy.

Basic Pie Filling Recipe:
2 C prepared fruit (peaches, apples, cherries, etc.)
2 T sugar (use brown or white, depending on your fruit. I used brown for my peach and apple pies)
2 T flour (less for dry fruits, like apples)
1 T butter (to be divided among the prepared pies)
Seasonings of your choice. I used about a teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice for both the varieties I made in these pictures. Be creative!

I made peach and apple for this tutorial:

Now fill up the pies!

Remember that little chunk of butter. It makes the pies extra fab.

Create a vent in your pie toppers. I like to do shapes, like these cute little hearts. Place the tops on the pies and, using your finger, seal the tops to the crust on the inside of the jar.
Screw the lids on and you're done! Pop these babies in the freezer and you'll always be 45-60 minutes away from a scrumptious little dessert!

Baking Instructions:
Take your pies out of the freezer and remove the lids. Place the pies on a baking sheet and pop into a 375 degree oven for 50-60 minutes, until the insides are bubbly and the crust is golden brown.

Pop them out or eat them straight from the jar, smothered in ice cream...

Note: if baking fresh or thawed pies, bake for 45 minutes.

The pies won't explode. Stop having a heart attack. If you are concerned, you can place them in the oven to warm while it preheats. Props to Our Best Bites for first introducing me to this awesome dessert!

I wonder if your pies made it to the freezer at all? Mine did, but only because I had leftover pie bits and made myself a little galette to hold me over.

Peace out, pie eaters!