Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Fab for $15

I was recently given the best birthday gift ever: a gift card to Home Goods (thanks Mom & Dad)!

Seriously, though. Have you ever been there? It's the greatest place in the home decor world. I love it more than Ikea, because there is such a mishmash of random stuff; every time you go there's a whole new selection. It freakin' rocks.

Anyway, I was happily perusing the clearance section and found these wooden letter wall plaques:

I thought, "Hmm....sorta cute. And dirty. But none of the letters I need. Cute shape though. And only...$2?!"

Then I grabbed three of them with crafty hope, but no clear plans on how to turn them into decor for my home office.

I hit up Home Depot and found 3 cool tiles for under $2 a piece, then bought a $3 paint sampler and a 50 cent sponge brush.

I lightly sanded down the surface of each plaque, then painted it with my $3 sample paint, sanded it around the edges and glued the tiles to the center. Behold, my creations:

Almost everything has potential. I'll bet you have old junk lying around the house, just dying to become something great. Go search around and let us know what you find! We're always here to offer ideas, advice and congratulations for your totally brill ideas.

Happy hunting,


Carla said...

Holy. Flying. Monkeys. This is amazing! What a great idea and sooooo much cuter than what you started out with!! Can you do some for me now???

whit said...

cool, I like them! I have never thought of decorating w/ tile!

Sassy said...

Well thanks, guys! Like I said, you probably have stuff just lying around waiting to be repurposed!

Britt said...

Well, aren't you too clever. Darling.

Alysa@atticgals.blogspot.com said...

I noticed that you guys have your signatures on the bottom. My friend and I have a blog we do together and this would be a fun way to distinguish each others post. Would you mind telling me how you did this? Any help would be great. Thanks. alysawhitlock@yahoo.com. I'm going to love your blog -- Jennifer Frank led me to it. Thanks for sharing your talents.

The Ahumadas said...

How clever. I have trouble seeing the potential of stuff in Home Goods and other places like that. Do you think you could have used something like that to do silhouettes?

Sassy said...

If you mean applying silhouettes of your kids to the wood, yes. You could definitely do that!

I had lots of different plans for those wood plaques. You could always go the Mod Podge route--that's what I would have done if I'd put silhouettes on them. Great idea, Ahumadas!