Wednesday, February 17, 2010

TUTORIAL: All-Butter Pastry Crust

I'm splitting my mini freezer pie tutorial into two posts, because I have more plans for this pastry crust in future treat posts. Plus I love being able to just link back to previous posts, don't you?

Ok. This is a ridiculously easy pastry crust. Seriously! Takes about 5 minutes and you probably have everything you'll need to make it. No funky ingredients required!

Here we go.

All-Butter Pastry Crust:
2 C flour
11 T unsalted butter (the good stuff) straight from the fridge
1/4 t salt
4-5 T ice water

See? The only thing you might not have is butter. If you don't have butter, you're not living a happy life. Get thee to Costco, sinner!

On to the photos, then?

Step 1:
Measure the flour and salt into a medium sized mixing bowl. Dice the cold butter into small chunks and chuck it in with the flour/salt mix.

Step 2:
Cut the butter into the flour like so until you have a great crumbly party going on.

Step 3:
While mixing with a fork, add ice water 1 T at a time. Don't add too much water; you want a crumbly dough or you'll end up with tough crust.

Step 4:
Pat the crust into a ball, wrap it up and pop it in the fridge until you're ready to use it!

Voila! You have a fabulous pastry crust ready to go.

Can't claim this recipe as my own. I got this crust from Our Best Bites and have used it successfully many times. Except for the time I added too much water...but even then it was good. Just kinda chewy.
Now get crusting!

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