Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cut It Out - More Valentines Day Cards!

You know every child LOVES pop up books. I am almost positive that most adults like them too.
Here's you chance to make a pop-up style card! You won't even care if your little one tries to rip the heart off of the page because it is close to free to make it.

What you'll need:
Plain paper
Cute Paper
Exacto knife

You can probably figure out what to do by the pictures. But just in case...

First use your plain paper to make your own heart shape.
Best way is the kindergarten fold. You know, fold in half and cut out a half heart shape along the fold. This makes sure that both sides are identical.

Cut your fancy paper the size you want your card. You can make it as small or GINORMOUS as you want! Fold your fancy paper in half, on the inside you will trace your heart shape onto your cute paper. I put the top of my heart toward the center crease. Use an Exacto knife to cut it out, but leave somewhere for the paper to stay attached. I left the two rounded tops of the heart on mine.

Make sure you fold it upward and press firmly. Even use your finger nails to make a nice crease.
You want it to pop up don't you?

Write something inside!
It is fun to do a theme (look closely, there are guitars inside my "You Rock" card)

This may be close to your last chance to make something for Valentines Day. Go to it!



Jen said...

these are so cute and easy enought that I just may make them!

Anonymous said...

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