Monday, February 8, 2010

WRITTEN TUTORIAL: Valentine Brownie Pops!

You want a super cute treat to gift with Pepper's fancy homemade Valentines?

Behold, brownie pops:

These make such cute Valentine's Day treats, and believe it or not they are incredibly easy to make. I'm not as brilliant as Pepper and forgot to take pictures throughout my brownie poppin' process, but I've written it all down for you!

Here's what it takes:

Ingredients (to make approx. 20 pops):
1 box of brownie mix
1 packet of sucker sticks
1 brick of white bark coating (baking aisle--Kroger brand was yummy)
Red food dye
A piping bag
Some happy ribbon, if you feel like making it all cutsie

Bake the brownies as directed. I actually baked them for about 5 minutes less than directed so they would be nice and fudgy. And extra delish.

Once the brownies have cooled off enough to not burn your hands (lesson learned), grab little chunks and roll them into...umm...bouncy ball sized balls? Whatever. Just make some brownie balls. Stick them on a cookie sheet, shove a sucker stick in each ball and pop them into your freezer for 10-15 minutes to set.

While the brownie balls are cooling in the freezer, melt 4-5 cubes of your candy coating (or about a cup of the little discs). I used a Wilton Chocolate Melting Pot and it was fab.

The next step is easy. Eat the brownies.

Oh wait! Sorry. Only eat the ones that don't look like they want to stay on their sticks.

The real next step is: dip the brownies in the candy coating. It should only take one good dip and swirl to cover the whole brownie. Set the covered pops on some wax paper to harden.

I made little swirls on my pops by coloring my excess candy coating with a few drops of red food dye. Then I spooned the pink coating into a piping bag and squeezed it onto the pops with one hand while I turned them in circles with the other. (I tried dots, but the pops ended up looking like those medieval head basher balls. I'm sure you could make tiny hearts if you felt like one-upping me though!)

That's it! Easy schmeasy. Hope you love 'em! Good luck not eating the whole batch...

Your chocolate-lovin' sister-from-another-mister,


whit said...

haha, loved this one!

Jen said...

I can't wait to do this!