Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Initial here.

Initials, Letters, Names. They are all the rage.
Not only is it fun and completely adorable, it says a lot about who or what you love.

Where do you mark your territory?

Large letters on walls in place of photographs or artwork
can let others know that you are proud of who you are!

Necklaces everywhere offer you the chance to think about
who ever you are wearing through out the day!

Do your children share a room?
Tiny framed initials can help segregate their little areas.
They will love the idea of making their own space,
and they will love you for thinking about them!

It is so great that it serves a rare stylish educational opportunity.
Show your children that you love letters and they will love them too!

Don't stop with just one! Do all three initials, or their whole name.
Custom make your own or buy them somewhere cute like Land of Nod.

Don't be afraid to show off what's yours...


1 comment:

Mama Winter said...

Ok that necklace is soooo cute. when i decide on a name for my boy I am ordering a necklace from u :)
i need some names.... if u have any good ones send them my way. i am in desperate need of names. BAD. i cant think of any good ones :( HELP