Tuesday, January 19, 2010

TUTORIAL Flower Embellished Shoes

I knew these shoes needed a little something extra from the moment I bought them.
Anytime you realize something is missing...this project is a great solution.
Add a flower...or two...or a row of them. :)

In this project you will need:
An item (borderline boring)
knit fabric in any color
thread to match fabric
1 needle
sharp scissors

PART I: Start your flower

1. Thread your needle. I like to tie a knot at the bottom so that I am sewing with a double strand. This will give some added strength and sturdiness.

2. Cut your fabric into circles. In this project mine are approximately 2.5 inches diameter.

SAVE $$$ TIP: All of us have some clothing items that never get used. This is a great alternative to save time and money. I used an old tee here, and by old I mean that I just never wore it, but it wasn't "worn out".

3. Fold your circle in half.

4. Then fold your circle in half again!

You can see here if you look at the top the flower effect it will have.

5. Let the {by hand} sewing begin! Start through the corner and make sure that your needle goes through all 4 layers.

PART II: Embellish!

1. Take your corner sewn flower and start stitching it onto your not so fancy item. Continue to sew 3-4 stitches making sure to go through more than one layer of the flower, you don't want your flower to fall off.

2. Keep the thread going. In this project I used 7 Flowers. Bunch then right up against each other for a more fluttery look. When it looks complete, tie a knot (or two, I am a compulsive knotter).

Now look at your finished project and rate it.
Remember that you can always add more flowers if you want!

You are finished!
Now you can add some sweet flowers to anything to make it more fancy!

Have fun embellishing!


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Alysa@atticgals.blogspot.com said...

Love this. can't wait to try it. Thanks for sharing.