Friday, January 29, 2010

Where did I put that?

Are you sporadically organized?

This means that you know where you put something, but that it doesn't always have a set place to go. Unfortunately that means that things {often} get misplaced. As one of my New Years goals for 2010, I have decided to become annoyingly organized just to see if I like it.

No need for OCD, but it would be nice to know where that Target receipt is so I can actually get cash back for a change.

Speaking of Target...I found this file folder in the dollar section.

I hate that I love that section.

This cute little folder comes with labels and all for 8 tiny little files, perfect for things that are small like receipts.

Another spiffy idea would be a coupon/gift card file. Keep those Kohls Cash or Costco coupons in a safe place - ready to go.

Before you write advice: Make a list of what categories you might want to file and narrow it down. I wasted 2 labels because I didn't think ahead and wrote something like "Chocolate" which really should have its own category anyway.

The best part?
It fits easily into a purse or diaper bag.
You can keep it with you all of the time if you want to.

So far, I think I will like this one. How organized do you want to be?
This one is easy, just try it!



Lisa Newman said...

What a cute blog, Leisa...and you are a clever little writer. I just may try your butterfly valentines. I've already set up a date with a friend. Speaking of, we're so happy to have friends again! Hope you are well! Tell Leslee hello for me since she is usually absent in the cyber world!

Ky said...

This is so smart! I always shove my receipts in my wallet, then move them to a drawer in the kitchen...then lose them. I need one of these dealios! Thanks for the great idea, Pepper!

Carla said...

loving the receipt organizer!!! I have a larger one in my desk, but I never have it with me when I need it!!! THANKS!

Mama Winter said...

i need to do this for sure and I LOVE that dollar section at target. sometimes i just go to target to see if they have naything new in the dollar section. im addicted :)