Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fill it up!

Have a vase, lantern or bowl that you just can't get to look right?

This lantern had been haunting me since I bought it. The candles I had in it were too small, and it just looked too empty being empty.

Pottery Barn always has great ideas for filling vases and bowls. But spicing things up doesn't have to be so expensive! I found these little vase filler pears at Target. Pears are my all time favorite fruit. They come in all colors, and I love the shape. In fact I guarantee that you will see more pears in my future posts.

All I had to do was dump them into the lantern! I believe this was the fastest decor project I have ever done.



Ky said...

I love this. I want one in my house! I'll be on the lookout for a cute lantern now.

Carla said...

I think there is an old lantern in the garage at Shelter Cove! I am totally going to snag it and put these in it!!