Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Any Questions?

First, I have to tell you Sassy that we are sooooo not lame. It just happens that between the 2 of us are 4 children. By the way, I am making a toilet paper creation, and I can't wait to see people's faces when I tell them I saved toilet paper rolls for months to make art.

Any time we post a tutorial, I wonder if the project went smoothly for the crafty readers that try it out. Did they get frustrated? Was there a little bit of trouble-shooting? Did they have any questions? Two readers sent some great questions recently, and I thought I would share their answer with everyone!

Question #1 comes from Olya who asked about the Melted Edge Flower tutorial:

"Just made a couple... they are adorable... I love trying out different fabrics for this :-). a few little fabric samples that I got didn't work well for this idea, but now I know better... would you have any recommendations for techniques to use to prevent the edges from coming out so dark? the flowers in the pictures do not appear to have burnt edges, but mine come out burnt or dark, especially with the Shantung polyester "silk"... what should I do? "

Yes Olya, you can achieve the look with out burnt or super dark edges. First, you might try turning the heat down a tad to see if that helps. A larger flame will "melt" more of the fabric at once, causing a darker edge. Also, Silk fabrics work great and the darker the color, the less you will notice a darkened edge. If you have fabric that you REALLY want to use, but isn't melting right, or is made of cotton, you can fray the edges for a fabulously vintage look. I hope your fabric and flowers turn out Amazing!

Question #2 comes from Angie who asked about the Mod Podge canvas Tutorial:

"On the mod podge project would it work with a 12 x 12 photo??"

Yes it will work on a photo! But you have to be careful. You can't use a photo printed from your computer onto photo paper. You have to use a photograph that has been printed from a lab. Even Costco one hour would work! If you try a photo printed from home, you will probably end up with smeared ink. Please send pictures of your finished project! We would love to see it!

Thank you for your questions! Keep 'em coming!


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