Thursday, July 1, 2010

Poof it up!

I just can't get this little idea out of my head for a 4th of July banner! It makes me so sad that we are leaving out of town before I have had to chance to whip it together. I thought I might share the idea in hopes someone might try something similar.

Tiny puff balls hung under a banner that reads:
"One Nation under God".
Now I have it documented so that hopefully I can make it next year.
If anyone attempts, please send pictures!

Last week I finally crossed these little pink puffs off my list. Sassy made me excited about decorating with tissue puff balls just 2 months ago. I can hardly believe that it took me this long to finally implement Sassy's cute (and awesomely EASY) idea in little Gal's room.

I made the edges rounded because I love that they remind me of Hydrangeas.

I think I might add more of them! Maybe even a little puff of yellow or lavender. :)
I am glad they are easy and made from paper because I tend to change my mind often.

I wish you all a safe and lovely 4th of July holiday.
God Bless our troops!


1 comment:

M.M.M. said...

I made a poof ball and I pretty much love it.
I like the pink ones even better.
They just look so happy and fresh!