Saturday, March 6, 2010

TUTORIAL: Melted Edge Flowers

I hope I am not making you all sick of flowers, after all spring is just around the corner!

This mini-tutorial is for Melissa from AZ!

I know you have seen these silk and synthetic flowers ALL OVER,
they are here, there and everywhere.
Necklaces, brooches, headbands, bracelets, clippies, rings...
See what I mean? They are everywhere.

All you need are two things: Fabric and Fire
1. A silk or synthetic fabric that will melt when put toward heat (and not light on fire!)
My favorite to use is polyester shantung silk, or sheer Organza.
If you aren't sure if your fabric will melt, test it! The worst that can happen is it lights on fire and smells, so just have a bowl of water ready to dunk it if you are really nervous.

Cut your fabric into circles of all sizes for layering.

2. Use a gas stove top! Or really anything with a flame, lighters and mini torches can work too.
WARNING: If you are afraid of fire, please don't try this. If you are a child don't do it either unless your mama helps you. I would hate for a reader to loose the hair on her arms, or burn crafty fingers, they are too valuable!

First, light your flame.
It might take you until the end of time to make even one of these if you don't have a flame.
Take your circle of fabric and inch it closer to the flame. You will make swift circular movements downward through the flame to just melt the edge.
Make sure to move swiftly or your fabric could melt too much and just look gross,
and it could even light on fire.

Can you see below what happened? The edge will melt and slightly pucker to resemble a petal!

Before and after shot.
Because the flower puckers, it will make a slight bowl shape.

Layer your different sizes to make your own design! You can use many colors for drama, or many layers to make it fancy. It is up to you how you make it and where you put it!

I hope you have some creative crafty ideas stirring in that brain of yous. What will you make? Seriously, let us know what you make!



Carla said...

the perfect craft for the budding pyromaniac in the family! These are soooo cute!

Mel Dawg said...

Thank you!
Although i am a little afraid now that I know it involves flowers.
It that one of your new necklaces in the first picture? Um I love it. Of course.

Mel Dawg 2 said...

I meant to say "fire" not flowers...why would I be afraid of flowers? This isn not Alice in Wonderland afterall.

Ky said...

I love these flowers! I think I'll make some and glue them to a cute clip for my daughter. Pretty sure that would be super cute.

OlyaY said...

just made a couple... they are adorable... I love trying out different fabrics for this :-). a few little fabric samples that I got didn't work well for this idea, but now I know better... would you have any recommendations for techniques to use to prevent the edges from coming out so dark? the flowers in the pictures do not appear to have burnt edges, but mine come out burnt or dark, especially with the Shantung polyester "silk"... what should I do?

Jacqueline said...

I just had 8 16 year olds over for a Young women's activity to make these and most made them into headbands. They stayed and stayed until they had to go home. They had a great time. We used 8 candles so everyone had their own flame. Your necklace is way cute.

Michelle said...

Love it! I am a new follower!