Thursday, March 11, 2010


ART 101
You really don't have to be an artist to create art. This is very hard for people to attempt, because there is a level of fear to be dealt with. Mostly I think everyone is afraid of failing and then feeling bad about themselves. To overcome that, all you need to do is simplify!

Know this: there are no rules to creativity!

These were a gift for a dear friend of mine. She is QUEEN of the sewing world.
I knew it would be fitting to make her something about sewing, but I just couldn't attempt to actually sew something because it wouldn't be comparable to the amazing creations she can whip up. So I fell back on the classic silhouette.

If you want to attempt this yourself, but you can't draw, then simplify it!
You can print off any picture you want to silhouette. Re size to how large or small you want it before you print, and cut it out. Trace it onto your piece and paint it one color.
Want even more simple? TRACE IT ON BLACK PAPER, or patterned paper, whatever your heart desires. Remember, no rules!
You can Mod Podge it right onto the canvas or cardboard or wood!

Mod Podge will win your approval from Sassy.

Go to, and consider yourself Artist-ish, if not artistic!


Sassy said...

I love these, Pepps. I'm making some to spice up my laundry room! Did you friend go crazy over them??

A, A, & E said...

How did you do the paint on these?