Tuesday, March 23, 2010

O is for Orchid!

I love orchids. A lot. So does Martha. I mean, who doesn't?

Phalaenopsis orchids really aren't hard to grow, especially if they have the humidity they love! And did you know they come in mini sizes now? How cute is that?

To really bring some life into your house this spring, create a fab terrarium for your mini orchid using a great glass container, like a large vase or a 2 gallon cookie jar. They make beautiful decorations--and just wait til they bloom!

Materials Needed:
Jar/Vase with or without a lid (preferably lidded for humidity)
Mini phal. orchid
Horticultural or activated charcoal pieces (from a local nursery)
Sheet Moss (from Home Depot)
Decorative rocks, etc.

Grab your clean glass container and add a thin layer of charcoal on the bottom. Next, layer some sheet moss over the charcoal. Spread your orchid's roots out a bit and place the orchid on the moss, adding more moss over the roots and around the base until the orchid is firmly planted.

Add your little decorations, spritz the whole mix lightly with a spray bottle and voila! Your very own living centerpiece!

So cute, right? Makes a fabulous Mother's Day gift...

Peace out,

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Pepper said...

Sass. I love these so much. They are the classiest indoor plants I have every seen. I just might attempt to grow something and I think I might be able to keep it alive!