Thursday, March 4, 2010


Let me ask you a question or two...
Do you have laundry to do every day?
Do you have to put it away in more than one room?

Okay one more...
Do you have stairs?

If you answered yes to even one question above keep reading! I know this seems too simple of an object to make a big difference in one's life. For some reason, you have to try it to really know what it can do for you. When I first looked at this laundry sorter I was thinking "well duh, you can sort it into different loads to be done". Darks, whites, towels...whatever. What I didn't think of was the time it would save me in putting away my laundry.

I truly don't mind starting laundry, or even folding it! It can be a good multi-task when I want to slow down and dream of being on What Not To Wear. And sorting laundry isn't a huge just makes a bit of a mess for a while. BTW - I will totally wear ugly clothes and grow my roots out for a $5,000 wardrobe revamp if someone wants to nominate me.

Putting all of the laundry away can take up too much of my time, which is money...I get that now. This little hamper has made a mental difference on my time constraints for each day. Our bedroom is downstairs, but our children's rooms are up. MOST of the laundry just seems to be from the kids. Now, I can fold everything downstairs and put those items away, and then I stack the fresh clean clothes of my 3 kids into the 3 compartments and make one trip up the stairs. No more dropping socks on stair 3, or a pair of Ariel panties on stair 7, or my bra on stair 10...wait, how did that get in there?

Time and money well spent for the $8 something I dished out at Walmart if I do say so myself.

Downside, my bum doesn't get much of a work out anymore. I better go run up and down them a few times right now!


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