Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Postcards to Lucky

That little stinker, Lucky the Leprechaun, has been causing trouble around our place as well! I keep finding Goldfish crackers smashed all over the floor, dirt from my potted plants scattered here and there, tiny little Leprechaun footprints on the kitchen counter. Plus, someone took a bunch of tiny bites out of my Girl Scout cookies!

Anyway, my daughter and I decided it was time to send him a little postcard since our Leprechaun trap hasn't snagged him yet. And what better postcard to send than one with his own name on it?!

I took an empty box of Lucky Charms and cut a postcard from the graphics. Then I flipped it over, wrote my note, addressed, stamped and mailed it!

(By "mailed" I mean I let my daughter carry it to the mailbox and stick it in and when she turned around I grabbed it back out...)

In case you're wondering, the postcard is addressed to:
Lucky the Leprechaun
End of the Rainbow
Pot-O-Gold, Ireland

I'm sure all your postcards will make it to the right place. Or they'll at least give the postal workers a good chuckle if for some reason you can't retrieve the deposited cards because you have one of those annoying neighborhood outboxes...

Stickin' it to the Leprechaun,

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