Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kitchen Herb Garden

Last year I attempted a vegetable garden for the first time. I built two garden boxes and planted all sorts of fabulous things! Everything was going great until I totally ignored it and there was a heat wave and suddenly my snap peas were crispified and my bell peppers shriveled up.

The only things that didn't die, in fact, were my herbs! Who knew they were so hardy?

Anyway, I've decided to pass on planting a garden this year. But I really loved having all those fresh herbs last year, so when I was at Joann's recently I found this awesome big planter bowl on clearance for $10 and snatched it up!

So yesterday, I filled my big bowl with soil from last year's failed garden attempt and planted my seeds. Can't wait for my herbs to start growing!

Anyone can have an herb garden. I know you have that secret ambition. All you need is a planter of some sort, some nice soil, seeds (or plants from the nursery if you're nervous about starting from seed) and a sunny location inside or outside!

I figured, why not start them inside now and move them outside in a couple of months? Hit me up if you need some soil. I've got plenty...

Happily sowing (but not "sewing;" that's Pepper's job),


Leisa Waldron said...

I am inspired! And indoor starter garden is just what I need. Thanks for the great idea Sassy!

The Peterson Life said...

I did a basil plant at some point last year. The thing is still alive! We were thinking we would move on to other herbs this year; it's such a waste buying fresh herbs at the store.