Saturday, March 13, 2010

{how to} Catch yourself a Leprechaun!

Last year in Kindergarten, Little Gal re-introduced me to the trouble making Leprechaun's that come each year around St. Patty's day. I had forgotten about the trouble they caused when I was little. Okay actually, I didn't remember it at all!

Who doesn't like another reason for kids to get excited!

Leprechaun's seem to cause trouble in silly ways in our house:
They leave the kitchen chairs upside down on the table...
They put shoes in your sock drawers...
They even leave chocolates on your toothbrush!

Really anything silly at all had to be done by a Leprechaun. They are mischievous wee folk. And although they are only about 8 inches tall...they are fast, sneaky and magic. (Little Gal told me that the magic is how a tiny 8 inch little red haired man could flip all of our chairs upside down and put them on our kitchen table!)

This year my two girls want to catch Lucky the Leprechaun!
It is said if you catch one you can either have his pot of gold or three wishes.
We made a smaller version of one of the Leprechaun traps on Family Fun from last year out of an infants formula can and fun craft paper.

Important: Make sure you leave a sign telling the Leprechaun what NOT TO DO.
They love breaking rules.

Good luck getting those three wishes.
Catching a Leprechaun is harder than it looks!



Branjuli said...

I got my cute brooches in the mail the other day and LOVE them! I immediately put one on an elastic headband and wore it in my hair. I have so many plans on where I'm going to pin and wear them. Thank you so much!

Pepper said...

Branjuli - I am so glad you like them! Thanks for reading and have a great week!!!