Thursday, March 18, 2010

I need some SASSY advice


I am so upset. This super cute mom at little Gal's school is always winning in the fashion game. I know that I shouldn't get upset, but I always head out the door in a matching velour suit. At least I changed from my pj's right?

When I show up at school she is always the belle of the ball, (or school). Hair done, make-up flawless, and to top it all off she always has a head-to-toe outfit that is adorable. I know that I look homeless when I stand next to her. And her little girl looks like she just stepped out of Crewcuts, and you know how much I LOVE Crewcuts! (BTW - did you know Forever21 has a children's line?)

Okay, well sometimes she pushes the limits and I am embarrassed for her. Her skirts are a little, well a LOT too short and I am always hoping that she doesn't have to bend over to pick something up when I am walking behind her. And her bra straps are always hanging out, you know the clear ones that some women think are really invisible? Well, they aren't. Or the sheer leggings, UGH the sheer leggings. Just because she has nylons on doesn't mean she can wear a teeny tiny mini skirt right?

I know because I choose to dress more modest it is harder, or maybe I am just jealous that she seems to have everything. But shopping around to try and compete with the cute mom's is so hard! I can't find a thing that is cute AND long enough. And I am short like you!

So I have an idea. Can you help me brainstorm? We need an intervention. I want to add length with some fabulous embellishments to my just-a-bit-too-short skirts and dresses. It has to be fun and sassy, and maybe ruffly and shiny too. You know I love girly things.

I will show you what I come up with next week. This might be an easy sewing project!
YAY! Weekend Project! I love projects. :)



melissa said...

Awesome! Can't wait.

Sassy said...

Pepper, you know I'm all about brainstorming! That's what happens when you're an Ad/Marketing major.

We are going to rock this project.