Thursday, September 2, 2010

mini-TUTORIAL: Letter Canvas Art

What better gift than something home made?
They are always my among every one's favorites, so why not give them yourself?
This simple tutorial will broaden your gift-giving options 10 fold!

What you will need:
staple gun
glue gun of course
embellishments galore!

Lay fabric out with canvas on top.
Cut fabric to fit all the way around the edge of the canvas and staple to the back.
Make sure you pull tight!

Embellish with any and everything! Paper, trimming, ribbon, flowers, etc.

What I did:
Covered canvas with polka dot fabric and stapled to the back.
I glued pom-pom trimming around the edge, and added small flower embellishments and buttons to make it unique. I free handed the letter onto scrapbook paper, cut it out and glued it on! Leaves to the flowers were cut out in the same paper as the letter.
Make yours as unique as you want!

To make it more personable use initial letters to add the perfect touch!

What's your favorite letter?


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tHE rICKS' bLOG said...

I have looked but can't find how to make the cute fabric flowers you have here. Will you do a tutorial? Love this!