Monday, September 20, 2010

$10 DIY Fall Wreath!

Last year I decided I love wreaths. I mean, not any wreath--let's just make that clear--but I do love a pretty seasonal wreath hanging on my front door. It's just so welcoming and happy!

It says, "I know it's fall, even though the sun seems to think it's still summer. That's right. I'm more with it than Mother Nature."

But have you seen the prices these stores try to charge for a good decorative wreath?! Well, I wasn't going to shell out good money when I could have a grand ol' time making my own pretty fall wreath while showing you how easy it is!

And how cheap it is! Here's the cost breakdown for my materials:

18" grapevine wreath: $2.50
3 decorative crystal picks: $3.57 ($1.19/ea)
Fall berry garland: $2.99
Decorative ribbon for bow (3 yards): $1.00

Grand Total: $10.06

(Did I mention Michaels is having a rockin' sale right now? Go!)

I started by wrapping the garland into the grapevine, then added the crystal picks. I finished it off with a homemade floral bow and voila!

Hope this inspires some kind of wreath frenzy in your house. My front door is so autumnal now! I have another wreath project (a la Martha) in the works, but can't seem to get my hands on any dried corn husks. Maybe it just isn't corn husk season quite yet? I'll keep my eyes peeled. Or maybe I'll peel and dry my own husks and just get on with it already...

Happy crafting!


Amy said...

So pretty. How did you figure out how to arrange the stuff around the wreath form?

Jen H said...

I love it! Now I have something else to add to my "to do" list. THanks a lot! ;)

Sarah said...

I found your blog through a friend and I have to say I'm in love with all of your awesome ideas. Glad to be your newest follower.

Anonymous said...

Hey! Just saw your blog...attempting to make my own wreaths for my upcoming wedding! Wanted to let you know that corn husks are typically available year round in the Mexican food aisles of your local grocery store! (Used for making tamales!) I discovered that when I served a season as an interpreter making corn husk dolls with children...thought I'd pass it along!

Sassy said...

Amy, I just slapped it all on there. I wound some of the pieces into the grapevine and it all stayed where I put it! Took me about 7 minutes. Get on it!

Jen, your to-do list isn't nearly long enough these days. I'm just trying to make sure you stay busy. :)

Sarah: welcome to the blog! So glad you love it!

Anonymous: thank you thank you! I looked at one grocery store a few weeks ago, but they had none. I know I've seen them there before. I will keep looking because I really want to get that wreath made! Good luck with your wedding wreaths, too! Send in a picture and we'll share your skills with the blog readers :)