Friday, June 25, 2010

Contain it!

Re-using empty containers dates all the way back to the ice age I am sure. The only time it bugs me is when it is something you can not successfully re-label. For instance, I am sure most of you know someone who has 5 sour cream containers in their fridge, but they are not all sour cream? Kudos to them for recycling, but those are the items that need to go out with the recycling and be melted down and re-made. No one wants to forget what is in the container only to find something gross and smelly three weeks later.

My neighbor gave me an entire bag filled with these little tykes. Heavy duty and a twisty lid! The labels that were on them peeled right off. I had hard time coming up with an idea of what to put in them...but as I opened our craft cupboard my eyes were opened to an organizational project that would leave a smile on my face.

I kept it simple and just printed wording lengthwise and cut the paper into strips to be taped right on the container. Now little Gal will know what she is looking for and can keep it tidy when she crafts. No more dumping out the craft box all over the table! Yes!

I still have about 6 of these left...
I can't wait to decide what to use them for!

What are some creative ideas you have re-used your containers for?
Happy Organizing!


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