Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Speedy Shutter Facelift

After painting my Craigslist benches, I realized I had quite a lot of paint left over. I thought, "Surely there must be a fabulous place to splash the rest of my fun Dragonfly paint."

Actually, I would never think something like that. What I really thought was: "I freakin' love this color and there is a lot left here...I need to paint something. Now!"

Then I looked up and noticed how boring my shutters were. I mean, just look at them. Off-white. Boring.

Clearly, my house needed some color. Seeing as I already had a paint color I loved and this little update wasn't going to cost me a cent, I got right to it! Actually, my rockin' husband got right to it. I didn't even ask him to do it, but suddenly he was on a ladder painting the shutters!

And here is the finished product:

What do you think? I love them. I seriously do. Such a simple change with a big impact. Next up: the front door.

Getting 'er done!

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