Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Adirondack Goodness!

I love Adirondack chairs. Love them. But I've never had $500 sitting around to purchase a couple and have therefore never owned any.

Pepper recently introduced me to one of my new favorite blogs: Knock-Off Wood. This amazing blog is the creation of a woman in Alaska who wanted Pottery Barn/West Elm style furniture but doesn't have the funding or stores accessible and so decided to create and share plans for fabulous knock-off DIY furniture!

I literally want to make everything on the site. If only I owned a lumber yard. And more tools. Sigh.

Anyway, as a first attempt at DIY furniture, my husband and I decided to make our own Adirondack chairs so we would finally have some cute outdoor furniture. So far we've made two chairs using a slightly modified design from Knock-Off Wood (We decided to round and fan the seat backs). We will someday add a matching bench and a table to have a complete outdoor set, but for now here's what we have:

Honestly, the project was not difficult. It was definitely time consuming and next time we won't make the mistake of assembling before painting...and we'll probably invest in a better sander...but it was fairly simple and we can't wait to make more furniture!

These two chairs cost about $120 to make ($60/ea). We could have done it for less but decided on the more expensive pine. Not bad when you consider the cost of these Pottery Barn chairs: $200/ea!

What will you build? 

Seriously, tell me what you're going to build. I want to know!


Carla said...

These are seriously the most amazing chairs I have ever seen - and to think, you MADE them!!! I am enviably impressed.

Carla said...

these are seriously the most awesome chairs I have ever seen! If only I had the patience to build some for myself...and yes, that is a hint!

Pepper said...

I am uber impressed Sassy. I feel the need to hammer something now. Thank you for inspiring my inner handy man!