Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sassy Swim Up cycle

Are you new to reading The Sassy Pepper? If so, you will soon become accustomed to seeing my two favorite things combined.

Why shouldn't it fan over into the swim section?

Pictured below are two swim suit tops that haven't seen a swimming pool in over two years.
The one shoulder tankini top is too boring...
Halter tankini top is so tight and small it would fit my Little Gal.

I suddenly found myself wishing to have the body back that I used to complain about before my three darling children came. Sigh.....

I contemplated using the too small tankini as a hand me down for Little Gal. But seriously, I was the one who really needed a confidence boost when it comes to strolling along side the pool. Do you agree that summer got here too fast?!?

After getting myself upset by trying on the too small tankini, I had cut it into pieces before I knew what happened! Luckily, I cut it into circles so that I could sew some fancy flowers onto the top that fit me best, spicing things up a tad!

FYI - it was strangely satisfying to cut up a swim suit that didn't fit right.

If you find yourself surrounded by stretchy fragments of swim attire...don't throw them away!
Use the satisfaction and pour it into some creative embellishment. Just remember:
use Nylon thread for swim wear so that the chlorine doesn't bleach it out.



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Krystal said...

Love this blog. I'm old friends of Kyle. I had this exact same black swim suit and i love what you did with it. I wore it till it wore out and now i can't find one like it anywhere. It was just so faltering even worked when i was pregnant. I will always miss it. Fun stuff I'll keep browsing. Glad i found this.