Friday, October 8, 2010

Canvas Craft Night!

I hosted a fun craft night last night for a bunch of friends who've had their eyes on the Mod Podge canvas project.

I should have taken a picture of the 75 canvases I had piled up in my office! That is a lot of canvases. I did have my husband snap a shot of the group though (or most of the group), so here we are!

We had 12 people crafting away into the late hours of the night and it was a blast. We had to spread out on the floor and the kitchen counters were covered in canvases.

You should see the gorgeous papers they all chose for their projects! Pretty sure I'm going to have to go take pictures of all the completed projects so I can post them. You know, for bragging purposes. These ladies definitely have something to brag about.

I finished up my own project as well. We are creating a little fairy room for our daughter, so I decided to get a little more crafty with my canvases.

Here's a closeup of my favorite one--a mushroom fairy clothesline :)
Give it a click to see the details.

Looks like we are going to make craft night a monthly thing! It was such a fun time. Why not start a craft night in your town, too? Woohoo!

Hanging my canvases,


Leisa Waldron said...

Sassy! I love them all. So cute. I think my craft night will follow shortly. Good planning!

Doreen said...

This is a beautiful project. I love altering canvas, especially with photos. I can't wait to combine your ideas next time.