Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fake-it Photo Shoot

Most of us don't have professional lighting and backdrops in our homes. Sometimes it is hard to figure out the right way to photograph your items if you have a crafty business. Here is a simple how-to fake your own photo shoot!

1. Find an area in your home with good natural light.
Windows are always a great place.

2. Pull out that cute fabric that you haven't found a use for just yet.
Hang it in front of, or next to your natural lighted area.

3. Place your "craft" in front of your home-made backdrop.

4. Click click click!
Don't be afraid to crop in close when snapping and/or editing your photo's.

5. Add Variety
Turn your object, place it on textured items, show it as it should be used,
People like details and this variety helps you sell.

Voila! Playroom a.k.a. photo studio!

I will look for your new items on Etsy! :)


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