Friday, May 6, 2011

Little Gal's Dresser

A while back, I saw this amazing blog post on How to Glaze furniture by Show and Tell.  Just the word "Glaze" made me want to try it, and she made it look so easy!  So... I tried it.  And it worked!  It was fun, and messy, and forgiving.  Just my type of project.

This was Little Gal's dresser before the revamp.  Lucky for me it was unfinished solid wood.
That meant easy and light sanding.

After I scuffed up the surface a bit, I drew some swirly branches onto the dresser drawers in pencil.

I got so anxious, that I just started painting right away.  The effect was so neat!  The bare wood added one more dimension to the swirly tree branches, which I originally wanted to paint white.  I decided I would leave them bare!

After the painting, I distressed the dresser.  I used heavy grit sand paper and roughed up corners and edges, bringing out wood tones all over the dresser.  Then came the glazing!  Go and read Show and Tell's post here for detailed instructions.  My favorite thing about the glaze was how it settled into every scratch and hole.


I varnished it with 2 quick coats and then let the dresser cure for 2 days.
After the painting, sanding, glazing and curing we moved it into Little Gal's room!

It was Little Gal's idea to embellish the dresser with vinyl stickers!

And we found these adorable crystal knobs on Ebay.

It was an adorable addition to her bright room!



A, A, & E said...

I love this! Thanks for always giving me creative ideas and making it seem possible for a non crafter such as myself!

M.M.M. said...

I wish I was as spectacular as you!!!

Anonymous said...

ummm, excuse me, but besides that being the most awesome thing ever in the world, I am also going to have to demand that you tell me how to make those little flowers on the window over the little girls bed.