Thursday, August 11, 2011

Daddy's Shirt to Sassy Skirt

We are big at recycling around here. And I am not just talking about soda cans, plastic bottles and the occasional battery.  Do you remember last year when I posted about Little Gal's up-cycled wardrobe?  Well it is that time again that our closets are being cleaned out.  I can't help but look at each item in our good will pile and wonder "what can I make out of that"?

These are a few of Mr. Pepper's shirts that I decided to keep and work with...
I was excited for the bold stripes and plaids!

Simple Sassy Skirt

You will need:
Pinking sheers
Sewing machine
3/4 or 5/8 inch elastic
Giant safety pin
Hot Iron
Old button up Men's shirt

1. Start with one of Daddy's shirts!
Make sure you button it up all of the way and lay it flat.

2. Cut the shirt straight across, just below the pocket for a shorter length, or just below the armpits for a longer length!  My best rule...whatever length you want to end up with, cut an extra 1 1/2 inches above that.

3. Sew the shirt together where it buttons down.  I sew once it on each side of the buttons.

You can be tricky like me and just slide the button right over your sewing foot as you slowly sew along.

4. Now, cut off the top button if it is more than 3 inches from the top of your pinked fabric.

Steps 5-9 have no pictures so read carefully.
5. This is a simple traditional elastic waistband.  (You will make a casing for the elastic and then pull the elastic through with a giant safety pin.)  Fold the fabric inward 1/4 inch all of the way around and press it to get a nice crease.  Fold fabric again, this time one inch all the way around, press all the way around or pin it every 2 inches or so.  Sew it leaving a 2-3 inch gap from where you started.  You now have a casing around your skirt with an opening to insert your elastic.

6. Measure elastic snugly around waist adding one inch.

7. Insert elastic into casing.  I do this the traditional way by attaching a giant safety pin to one end of my elastic.  Insert safety pin and continue to thread the elastic all of the way through.  Make sure that your elastic doesn't go all of the way in, you need elastic left out on both sides of your opening to attach them.

8. Remove your giant safety pin and sew both ends of your elastic together.  Overlap the elastic by one inch and zig zag from top to bottom, or sew a large "X" covering the 1 inch gap.

9. Fold fabric opening over and matching up your seams, sew it closed!  You can then adjust the shirred fabric evenly around the elastic.  I like to sew a small piece of ribbon to the back of the skirt like a tag.

We had lots of fun taking pictures!

Don't forget to be creative!  Use your extra fabric for ruffles... 

Or you can even use cuffs for pockets! 

Are you inspired by your own Good Will Pile???



Amy said...

oooh, where did you find that sassy little model ;) love the idea, so cute!

Carla said...

I WANT THIS WARDROBE!!!! This is the most adorable skirt I have ever seen! I wonder if I can go to the Enormous Man's Big, Tall and Huge Shop and get some shirts to make a skirt for myself??? I would TOTALLY wear it!

M.M.M. said...

Holy crap, you are good!

Mandy @ mintnclandycreate said...

Great job! I love the skirts you made & the wrist cuff for pockets is a brilliant idea ;) It's my first time here today - glad I stopped by! ;)

Anonymous said...

AWESOME idea~ love it and your photo shoot is so precious!

Ginger@gingersnapcrafts said...

Great idea. Love your model. Looks like she was having fun. :) Would love to have you link this up to my {wow me} wednesday link up party going on right now over on my blog. :) (New follower, cute blog!) :)


Summer said...

Thanks for linking up! I'll be featuring this on Saturday!


flip flop mama said...

I have had this on my "to-do" list for FOREVER and I finally made one! It came out so cute! Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Totally inspired, I'm gonna go raid my husbands closet as a matter of fact! I've been having a ball making pillowcase dresses for my little ones summer wardrobe. She would so love these, especially from daddy's shirts. Thanks so much for the idea. I loooove it, oh and the model is adorable. She's not one bit camera shy now is she?