Friday, January 6, 2012

Fundraiser!!! {giveaway}

This is an experiment really.  
Please tell me if you think it won't work because it is for a very good cause.  

Many of you have read and are even following the progress of my cousin Ryan's family.
Their family was in a car accident Christmas Eve, 2011.  Their youngest son Colum passed away Christmas Day.  If you have followed their story, you have also learned that Colum's heart was just donated to another young child, and still beats today.  It is a tragic story, but also full of hope and love.  If you want to read more you can go to a blog set up by a family member.

Pack Family

I have had this cute idea in my head along the lines of Subway Art.
I always wanted something by my front door that was welcoming, but also unique.
This sign below I made to let people know they were welcome, as well as say Hello and Goodbye at the same time!  In honor of Colum, I would love to give this away to as many people as I can.

So far, just two designs {below}.  
One in color (gray, mustard, teal), and one in black white and gray.

If you would like one of both of these images.  I will email the file to anyone who donates $5.00 or more to the Pack Family Recovery Fund.  

Visit the following link for choices on how to donate to the Pack family.

To receive your Greetings Jpeg image, simply leave a comment on this post letting me know of your donation, along with your email address.  You can also email us at your information.  You will be emailed a large file printable up to 16 x 20 in size!

Please spread the word, and consider donating to a very deserving family.



Frazzled Mom of Five said...

Pepper, I hope this idea is really going to pay off! I am going to share this on fb.
You are a gem!

My donation confirmation number: 8HU06789HY1237445

Prayers for the Pack Family,
~Jen @ hutchinsonherd.blogspot

LotsOLove2GoAround said...

Oh I forgot to mention that I like the black and white.

Misty Sargent said...

I donated to the fund my conf is 2p625285kb5333270f
What a great giveaway!! I like the blue and yellow one. My email is thx