Monday, June 11, 2012

Pepper, Where Art Thou?

I have to apologize...I didn't realize I have been MIA since April!  I feel guilty honestly, because I had big plans for this blog the last two months.

The truth is, I went in to my OBGYN for my favorite yearly exam and came out with a pregnancy.
  {I know...jealous aren't you?}
"SHOCKER" would be an understatement.


I was really excited despite the fact it wasn't planned, and also despite the fact that it would be my 4th baby.
2 days after that I was wishing I was dead.  I am hoping the last two months just sort of escape my memory because I have been SO SICK!

I just hit 12 weeks, and I feel like the days are getting better now.  I mean, today I didn't even fall asleep on the couch or gag when I opened the fridge!  It is uphill from here, I can feel it. :)

Oh!  And I found out that my baby will be born in the Chinese year of the Dragon.  So basically, my baby will be a genius and super successful.  Mr. Pepper and I don't have to worry about retirement anymore!
Kidding...obviously.  But still, I hope our baby will be a genius. :)

One sad thing.  I look more like I am 5 months along than three.  Come back soon to see me rip apart my jeans and turn them to the maternity side.



Stuart and Kimber said...


Jessica said...

O Surprise! Congratulations though. We're due on Thanksgiving and I'm still battling sickness. I hope it gets better for both of us real soon.

M.M.M. said...

Hooray Hooray!!!!! I can't believe it was unplanned!

Doreen said...

Congrats! As the pre-schoolers like to sing, "Good things come in little packages...."

Misti @ Living On Cypress Hill said...

Congratulations!! That's exciting! Surprise babies are the best! (I had three of them.) :)

Made by Niki said...

Congratulations!! I just had a baby girl and I'm so excited it is the year of the dragon. I just stumbled upon your blog because I am looking for tutorials on baby headbands. Congrats and thanks so much for your tutorials!!

Cynthia said...

Congradulations! Even though I am not a mom (i'm only 13) I'm glad to see that you're back, and that you are carring a little someone with you. :)

Cynthia said...

Congradulations! Even though I am not a mom (i'm only 13) I am glad to see that you're back, and that you're carring a little someone with you. ;)