Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pinterest much goodness in one place.  I might like it as much {or more} than Etsy!
Not that Etsy is any lower on my list...
but Pinterest is FULL of IDEAS!

I know I am slow to start pinning.
But it was on purpose...

I just KNEW that I would end up spending hours looking at things like Closet Redo's in lovely shades of melon.  I feel like I want to revamp my entire house, closets and all now!

 I didn't know that I would end up making an entire board of cupcakes,
but that was a very nice surprise. :)

I might have to make a board of every one of my favorite colors now,
which is pretty much any color...
I really do love yellow though.

Have you pinned anything yet?


1 comment:

Amy R. said...

Pinterest is the bomb! I actually just posted about you and a project you did that I have saved in my DIY board. You have a great blog and lots of inspiring ideas.

Amy R.