Monday, September 12, 2011

Quick Fix...

I was racking my brain trying to think of how to teach my girls the value of hard work.  I wanted something that they could see a true result and be proud of what they did!  So I decided to let them paint the garage.

Okay, really the garage was bugging me because it was so ugly, that I started painting and the girls thought it looked like fun and jumped in.  Either way...they helped and worked and learned and saw a result!  Does it really matter if it was a pre-determined lesson?

1 gallon Behr Outdoor Paint from Home Depot
2 Children

Garage Before
You have to was pretty bad.
The garbage cans in the photo don't do much for the house either.

Garage During
Look at those hard working children!
They actually cut my work time it was awesome!
They painted most of the lower half...I went over one more coat to make sure we got it all.
We left a gap around the perimeter for me to paint the edges and the molding.
I also opened the garage once we were done so that it could dry without the sections sticking to each other.

Garage After

Crisp and Clean...what a difference...
It only took us 2 hours start to finish.

I was so proud of us, that I painted the front door too!

Lesson to myself :
Don't be afraid to let my kids help!  It made it so much more fun, and they get to look at our lovely garage door every day knowing that they are part of the reason it looks nice!

What chores are you going to give to your kids? 



Marisa said...

Wow, that is so awesome! Go girls! I mowed my parents' GIANT lawns since I was 8 years old (push mower), in addition to all the indoor chores we had. My mom ran a tight ship, but I'm grateful I learned how to do some stuff! Most kids nowadays are so lazy because their parents don't make them work, but it's good to see there is hope for the future! ;)

M.M.M. said...

I am scared to let Chloe anywhere near a can of paint. I just imagine myself saying "No!!!!!" about a billion times. You are brave! And it turned out quite nicely.