Thursday, March 1, 2012

What's Your Pinterest?

Sorry for the slow posting.  The flu WITCH came to our house and left me with a double ear infection.  I still can't hear out of my right ear.  But, enough about me...

You know when you see something (on Etsy or Pinterest), and you really want to make it, but you aren't quite sure of where or how to start, and then you imagine one thing (or many things) going wrong so you never end up making it.  (sad face)

Sassy had the most genius idea recently...
Why don't we post some totally amazing DIY items found on Pinterest and see which one our readers would like to see us make!  We will work through the hiccups for you!

Welcome to...

How it works:
1) Choose your favorite project below
2) Leave a comment saying which you would like to see us make
3) Come back to the re-tutorial of the most popular project!

Round 1:

1. Upholstered Box Spring - No Bed Skirt Required!

Now please, tell us your favorite!
We will go through it step by step and maybe even pick a lucky winner of the finished product.  Make sure to have your comments entered by Sunday March 4th.

By the way...if you want to be invited to Pinterest leave a comment and we will send you and invite!



Anonymous said...

Ooo, I vote the box spring!
Or the message board.

Morgan and Cade said...

It's hard to choose!! I vote for the table runner!

M.M.M. said...

Bed frame-TOTALLY!

Bug said...

I would like to see the message board. Practical and fun!

Frazzled Mom of Five said...

1. Upholstered Box Spring - No Bed Skirt Required!
Sorry you had the flu run through the house:( Missed seeing you around! Feel better soon!
Jen @ F5

Anonymous said...

Another yes for the box spring!

Natalie said...

I say the box spring. I'll even let you come to my house and do mine, I totally fine if it has a few kinks in it! :)

Future Mrs. Solnok said...

I vote for boxspring!

rachelb said...

doily runner or pom poms please!