Friday, August 10, 2012

Decorations Scaled Down - mini tutorial

I have a few people who have mentioned they love seeing awesome decorations for parties but just don't even know where to start.  This post has a great idea that can be a start and a finish to your decor!  It is easy, and cute and easy to store for any occasion.  Feeling sick with pregnancy made me realize I couldn't do all I wanted to for my daughters birthday party.  So I just tried to keep it simple, and it turned out great!  This is more of an idea than a tutorial, but I hope you find it useful!

What you will need:
A Cork board
Paint in a color of your choice

I did simple stripes on one cork board, and zig zags on the other.  I didn't even use a rule, I just taped away and it turned out great!  If you want to be more precise with your design, you can use a ruler and pencil before you tape.  You can even use two colors if you want no cork color showing, or keep it SUPER SIMPLE and just have a cork board handy with no embellishing at all until you have a party!

I used white because I knew it will go with any Holiday.  
You may see a lot of these cork boards in the future.

One was decorated with a banner we already had in Kadie's room.
We added a few pictures of the birthday girl, a few streamers and balloons and some of the party favors and it was done!   

The other was placed outside to welcome our guests just before they arrived.

Why use a cork board?  It is portable!  You can take the decor outside, in the kitchen, in the party room!  What if you are throwing a party at a park?  No problem, decorate before and take it with you! You can also store it when you aren't using it for a party or Holiday, or use it for family plans/chores in between!

Here's to keeping things Simple!



Alicia Seeley said...

that is super cute, and what a great idea!!! May need to do this!!!

Doreen said...

A great simple idea with so much possibility to use it in so many ways. Hope you feel better soon.