Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Long time no see? Some New Pintastic finds!

I have been feeling a bit guilty because of my absence.  Pregnancy the 4th time around is just plain hard.  Lucky for my conscience, and this blog...my energy has begun to come back!  I am in full nesting swing...which includes one or all of the following; organizing, throwing away, crafting, purging, sanding, more organizing and more throwing away...really the list is never ending.  I have way too many things I want to finish before baby Leo arrives on or before Christmas Day 2012!

From these Pintastic finds perhaps you can guess what I may or may not be working on right now...

Darling stenciled dresser (and tips I might add) from
learn how to stencil with Moroccan furniture stencils

AMAZING stenciled floor from

The Coolest Stenciled Fireplace also from
stencil a faux tile fireplace surround

Adorable Stenciled Headboard by
headboard DIY

Do you see a common theme yet?
Did you notice the word "stenciling" mentioned more than once?

In the new modern theme of stenciling...and my favorite past time of refinishing...
please come back SOON to see my finished product(s)!!!

1 comment:

Jen @ frazzled 5 said...

Super thrilled you are feeling better and back online. I missed your posts so much!
Much Love, (stay safe doing that sanding and cleaning)