Thursday, October 18, 2012

DIY: Poor Sad Coffee Table to Super Chic Ottoman

A couple of months ago I found this tutorial from Newlywed McGee's while browsing Pinterest.  
I couldn't believe how easy it looked to transform a coffee table into an ottoman.
What was even better is that I already had this poor little coffee table in my garage, waiting for a makeover.
It was stained with marker, nail polish and dented from child crafts...

I even spied some permanent marker underneath once I took the legs off.

I followed the instructions from the NewleywedMcgees, skipping around a little, and
of course in my rebel style tried some short cuts.  Here is my step by step!

Steps To a DIY Ottoman:
1. Sand your table
I took the legs off, and sanded down the part of the table that would be showing in the finished project.
FYI - Legs to any piece of furniture are a lot easier to sand prime and paint when detached.

2. Prime furniture
I primed the part of the coffee table that would be showing as the end result.

3. Reattach legs
Once sanded, primed and painted, I reattached the legs.

4. Cut foam to fit top of table
I  bought 2 1/2 yards of 2 inch thick foam from Joann fabric.
I measured out the foam to completely cover the top of my coffee table.
MAKE SURE YOU USE A COUPON!!!  This foam is very expensive.  
The 40% off Joann coupon I used made me so happy.

It required a little bit of puzzle piecing to get the top covered because my table was wider than the foam.

5. Glue foam in place.
I used simple craft glue to keep the foam in place.  Just add a big squiggle of glue all over, and leave the foam to adhere.  You will want the foam to stay in place to make for an easy assembly of your ottoman.

Put something heavy on top while the glue dries.

6. Cover foam table top with batting.
I purchased a roll of batting in twin size for my 36 x 36 inch table top.  Once the glue is dry, place your coffee table top down onto batting and get ready to staple it to your table.
Tips to attaching batting: Pull it tight but be careful to not let it tear.

Try to make an even "seam" in the batting at the corners to keep bulging to a minimum.

7.  Staple it in place!
I stapled at each corner, and 3 - 4 staples along each side.

8. Trim off excess batting

Now your table is ready to cover with fabric!

This fabric is called Duralee Putnam from
Remember: You can ALWAYS find coupons online!

9. Drape your fabric over your soon-to-be-ottoman, 
and center it where you want it.

10. Staple fabric in place once under each side
Make sure it looks the way you want it before you turn your table upside down.

11. Flip your table over, and staple fabric under the table top.

I went a little crazy with the staples, but I really wanted to make sure it was a tight fit.
I started with the middle and worked my way to the corners, being careful to make a tight seam at each corner for minimal bulging.

12. OPTIONAL: Add tufting and/or nail-heads for extra appeal!
I added 3 nail-heads on each corner for a little umph. 

1. Measure - Start in the middle
Measure corner to corner and mark lightly on fabric where you want to place your first staple.
Measure out where each nail-head will be placed before you start.

2. Start with stapling.
Place a small (tiny) piece of fabric at each stapling point to reinforce fabric.
Press staple gun until you can tell it is firm against the wooden table top and staple it!

3. Hammer in a nail-head directly over staple covering it.

4.  Continue process until all of your nail-heads are firmly in!

5. Sit back and enjoy your handywork!

Can you believe the transformation?!?!
Have fun DIY-ing!


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Emily said...

Ooh, fun! Another tip on the foam is to use one of those egg crate or flat mattress pads. You can find them cheap at yardsales or other places, and they work just as well!