Friday, April 29, 2011

April Showers Bring May Flowers!

I promised many tutorials from the room make-over of Little Gal's room, and here is the first one!
Tissue Paper Flowers!

Sassy did a tutorial on Tissue Puff Balls a while back, and this project is very similar.  The fun part is that tissue puffs and flowers aren't only for birthdays anymore!  I would suggest reading the whole tutorial first so that you don't get confused following each step.  It is super easy, but hard to explain via blog...

What you will need:
Tissue Paper (I used 12 sheets per flower in 3 colors or more)

I actually got my tissue paper for this project from the Dollar Tree store!
You can get 25 sheets for $1.00 and they are fairly large (20" x 20").

Step 1:  Decide what colors you want the flower to be.
I am making a hot pink and light pink flower with green leaves and a yellow center.

I used...
3 green sheets
3 light pink sheets
3 hot pink sheets
3 yellow sheets

Step 2: Cut and Fold!
Once you have your color combo decided, you have one more decision to make...
Do you want your edges pointy or rounded?  Accordion fold each color section and then cut the end.  For pointy edges cut each end like a triangle, for rounded edges cut each end like a half circle.
For the yellow center I cut straight lines inward toward the center.

What I did:
3 green - pointy (triangle)
3 light pink - rounded (half circle)
3 hot pink - rounded
3 yellow - 

You will accordion fold each section, and then cut the ends.

Both ends cut (below)

Unfolded it looks like this!

Step 3: Layer it up!
Once you get all of your edges cut, you will layer all of your sheets on top of one another.
I layered mine as: green, hot pink, light pink, yellow.  Also, I wanted my yellow paper to be a "center" to my flower, and so I made it 1 inch shorter on each side to add some depth.

Step 4: Secure with your Pipe Cleaner
Once layered, take your pipe cleaner and wrap it around the center of your folded tissue.
On this flower I looped it at the top (the back of the finished flower) and secured the loop by wrapping the pipe cleaner around itself.  The loop is great for hanging.  

Step 5: Fan it out!
Stretch your accordion folded papers outward to form a circle.

Side view...

Step 6: {Light} Lifting
Lift the paper one sheet at a time toward the center of your flower.
Here is the yellow finished (below)...

Then the light pink...

Then the hot pink...

And the green!

Back view.

Voila!  A Happy fancy girly piece of decor for a party or a room!

Where will you hang your flowers?



Ernie said...

Those are so freaking awesome, I am totally going to make some for Iris's room! ALthough I doubt mine will look as good, yours our so pretty! Little Gal's room turned out so fun too!

Anonymous said...

The flowers are awesome! Thanks for the tutorial!!!


Lil Nell's Home said...

I so remember learning to make those in grammar school. They are so fun and easy to make. I can't believe I had forgotten about them until now. They are too cute!

Vintagesouthernlife said...

These are so pretty! Hope you don't mind, I'm sharing this with a teacher friend. They will be perfect for her classroom.
Thanks for sharing, Annette

Becolorful said...

Love these. I have seen tissue flowers but these are especially pretty and I love how you have used them. I will be featuring you on this week's Motivated Monday. Thanks for joining the party.

Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch) said...

Hello! I am over from Pam/BeColorful. I saw these on her post and had to visit you. Thanks for sharing your tutorial! These are just outstanding. Your daughter's room is beautiful too!