Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring Savings

I have had a few conversations with Sassy lately, about couponing.  I really really really want to try it, but unfortunately I can't even imagine going to the store every week, so everyday would scare the you know what out of me!

My Little Man (who just turned 2 by the way) would have nothing of the sort.  I honestly have 5-7 minutes before a full blown tantrum each time I enter a store/office/school name it!  My days of browsing are over. :(  Hats off to you ladies who do it anyway with tantrum throwing tots.  Please share your success stories with me to give me the courage!

In the meantime, I am still loving Amazon Mom!

Little Sister, who is also my "spirited" child, sleeps so well at night that she still has to wear pull-ups.  I never thought I would still have to buy diapers for a 5 year old.  The most annoying thing?  They are so expensive!

So I shopped around...

Good Deal:
Underjams - $15.49 for 27
Free Shipping with $50 minimum order

Great Deal:
Pampers Underjams - $22.98 for 50
Free Shipping to Home

Pampers Underjams - $22.99 for 50...OR $16.09 for 50 with subscribe and save
PLUS Free 2 day shipping - TO MY DOOR!

This was my checkout below...

Amazon Prime Member
Shipping & Handling:$0.00
Subscription Discount-$6.90
Total Before Tax:$16.09
Estimated Tax:$0.00
Order Total: $16.09

They will be on my doorstep Friday...I know, because I have been doing it already with wipes and diapers for my Little/Big 2 Year old boy!

If you join Amazon mom, you get a three month FREE membership to Amazon Prime.  Amazon Prime items ship 2 days to your doorstep FREE.  And, if you use the subscribe and save option, you get an extra 30% off your items!  I subscribed to have the Pampers Underjams come every 2 months...but I can change or cancel that at any time.  Also, Amazon will send me an email a few days before they charge my account and ship my items.  I love that feature because I can use any and all reminders I can get!

Just sharing the love...and wealth!


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