Monday, April 11, 2011

Microsuede Ruffled Pillow Tutorial

 I have been craving something new in almost every room in my house.  I finally started and finished a project that I had in my head FOREVER ago.  Bought some Ivory colored microsuede and went to town.

My Materials:
3 yards Microsuede ( Or other fabric)
Ivory thread

Step 1:
This tutorial is for a 24 inch pillow.  You can make it for any square size.  Just leave at least one extra inch for the edge!  I started with a square about 25 1/2 inches height and width. Cut 1 piece.

Step 2:
Then I cut 1 Piece of Each of these measurements:
20 in x 25 in
8 in x 25 in

These two pieces will overlap and become the back of the pillow.

Step 3:
Fold the edges of the rectangular cuts (the back pillow pieces) 2 times and top stitch, 5/8 of an inch.
This way no raw edge is showing at all.
You can see below, the perfect square is above and the two rectangular pieces forming the back of the pillow are below in the picture (overlapped, so that you can see the pillow front and back is the same width).  

Step 4:
Prepare your ruffling strips
Cut 3 pieces of fabric
5 in x 50 in
The strip for ruffling should start out twice as long as the pillow front piece.
You can cut off extra if you don't use it.  Better to have too much than too little.

Fold the strip in half and sew along the raw edges, 5/8 of an inch.

Before and After of strip that is sewn.

Step 5:
Turn your strip inside out!

I use the Safety Pin Method taught to me by my Granny.
Poke the pin through one end.

Place the closed Safety Pin in the opening of the strip.

Scrunch the Safety pin, and keep scrunching while moving the pin all the way through the strip.

Bring it out of the other end!  
Slide the remaining fabric until the entire strip is now hemmed on the inside!
Tricky tricky.

Step 6: Placement
I put my unruffled strips on top of my pillow to get a feel for where I wanted them to be for my finished product.  Even though the picture has the strip only about an inch from the edge of the fabric square, 
I ended up starting my first ruffle 3 inches from the edge.

Step 7:
Sew the edge of the strip to the edge of the pillow, with the strips seam side down.
1/4 of an inch.

Step 8:
Start ruffling!
I place the needle dead center on my strip.
Scrunch the fabric as you sew...
There is no rhyme or reason, 
Just go slow so that you can get as many, (or as little) ruffles as you wish.

One strip done!
Sew the ruffled strip to the front pillow piece of fabric 1/4 inch from the edge.
Cut off the remainder of the strip.

Repeat Steps 6, 7 and 8 for your remaining ruffles
I placed my ruffles 1 inch apart from end to end.
Make sure you pause to see if the fabric strips are shifting away from each other.

2 down, 1 to go!

And Three's a charm!

Step 9:
With the ruffled square piece of fabric done, you are ready to turn it into a pillow!
With right sides together, place the small rectangular piece, matching up the edges.
Then place the larger rectangular piece on top.
Pin the edges together.

Step 10:
Sew the pillow together on all 4 edges
I sewed mine 5/8 of an inch from the edge.

Trim the corners.
(This is so that when you pillow is right side out the corners aren't so bulky).

Pink all 4 edges for fray resistance.

Now, flip your pillow inside out! 

Place your pillow form inside!

Voila!  You are done!

My pillow form was extra puffy, and the back remained a little bit open,
so I quickly came up with a solution.

Ties for the back of your pillow (optional)
Cut 2 strips of fabric
1 1/2 inches x 20 inches 

Fold each edge in so that both raw edges meet in the center.

Fold again, and top stitch right at the open edge.

When your ties are sewn, cut each in half to make four(4) - 10 inch long strips.
On one of the unfinished edges on each strip, you can either tie a knot, or fold twice and top stitch.
Pin the other end of each strip onto your pillow back, folding the raw edge under.  Match up two strips (one on top, one on bottom) so that they will tie evenly and securely.  Stitch them to the pillow back.

After all 4 strips are sewn, tie them up!

I am posting this rather late, and it has been a while since my last tutorial.
All comments, and/or questions are welcome!

Happy Ruffling and Pillow Throwing!



Christina said...

i miss your tutorials! this is a great one! love the pillows. ill have to try it!

M.M.M. said...

I am going to make of these days. Okay I have a question about mod podge-can you do mod podge with photos. Cause I want to do a wall of Macie newborn pics but I don't want to buy frames because of cost.
Can you answer this question here? I will come back here and check!